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Always an interruption

Now that Faye was settled, my thoughts turned to my other newest disciple, Juventino. Granted, he didn’t need the extra attention Faye needed. It was not necessary to teach him the hunt. For him, the hunt was more than instinctual–it was second nature. Still, I felt the need to…check in on him.

I closed my eyes and concentrated…his image, his scent, the way his skin felt, I remembered all these things and more. I felt the undying connection between us, and an instant I was in his mind, seeing what he was seeing. His location was now revealed to me, and I went to him.

He was feeding when I found him. She was a dark-haired beauty, petite but curvy, and she clung on to him with all the desperation of a drowning man clinging to a life raft. I could see her terror quickly giving way to ecstasy as he drank from her; he stopped just as she lost consciousness. Even from where I watched, enclosed by the shadows, I could feel the hot blood running just under his skin. He left by the window, stepping down from the second floor as casually as a mortal stepping down the stairs. Then, as if he had not a care in the world, he strolled from the apartment complex and toward a small patch of woods.

Sloppy. We may be powerful, but we’re not invincible…and we always have enemies. But it was my neglect that caused this. How would he know the dangers that abound? I resolved to teach him, and teach him without delay.

From shadow to shadow I flowed, always in complete darkness, as silently and as carefully as a cat stalking a bird. I waited until he reached the ends of the trees before I made a move. I shot from the shadows toward him, reaching out to grab him. My sights were set on his neck and the fresh blood that now flowed in his undead veins. The instant I reached him, though, he ducked back from my hands. Quicker than I expected, he reached out and grabbed ME, and with an iron grip he pressed me against his chest. I didn’t need to see his face in the dark shadows to know he was smirking. He had known I was there. Again, Juventino impressed me. It is why I turned him, after all. He bared his fangs, prepared to sink his teeth into my neck. However, I wasn’t going to let it be that easy. For all his talent, I still had centuries of experience. Constricting myself in, I slipped right out of his grip. I then swept his feet out from under him, landing him right on his ass.

Undeterred, he jumped up and faced me. Slowly, we circled as if we were mortal enemies preparing to do battle…except for the lustful gazes we had for one another. Both of us wanted to taste the other, and this was only a sweet form of torture. But this was still a battle…a battle to see who would get first bite.

I decided to take an aggressive approach, and I lunged at him with all my might. He toppled backward, with me landing on his chest, trying to keep him pinned down. He just rolled, knocking me off balance. Grabbing my leg, he pulled me closer to him. For a minute, I scrambled, grabbing on to twigs, trees, grass roots, anything just so I could get my balance again. I finally managed to find my balance, and I freed myself from his grasp. Still crouching on the ground, I turned to face him again, laughing all the while at our little game. With a stony expression he just stared at me for a moment, then he pounced. Now it was me on my back, him gripping my arms down to the ground, his mouth now right at my neck. I waited for the bite, but it was as if he had frozen in place. Then, softly, delicately, he kissed my neck.

His teasing tormented me beyond belief. Growling, I grabbed him with the only limbs still free–my legs. He collapsed on top of me, his entire weight pressing against me. Desparately I tried to reach his neck. He laughed a little, and suddenly I felt his fangs penetrate my flesh. I felt myself slowly relax as he drank from me, the feeling more pleasurable than a mortal could possibly understand. After he had his fill, he sat up and pulled me up into his lap. He turned his head ever so slightly, giving me easier access to his neck. I salivated in anticipation; I so badly wanted to taste him.

“En el Nombre del Dios, vaya!!”

We both turned to the source of the voice. It was an old man, a priest, with a crucifix held firmly in front of him. With the other hand he held a vial, presumably of holy water. Squelching down his own terror, he glared at us “demons.”

You had to be fucking kidding me. Fils de pute.

Now, my mortal friends, please allow me to educate you on crucifixes. Alright–yes, they affect vampires. At least, they affect the newly turned. Now, what the movies never seem to take into consideration is that each vampire, not unlike mortals, react differently to fear. Yes, you may drive away a vampire with your little crucifixes. However, you are just as likely to send one into such a rage that by the time they are finished with you, there is nothing left of you but a bloody smear on the sidewalk. It seemed that Juventino was of the latter variety, the look of rage on his face almost scary to me. Well, that or perhaps he was very upset about being interrupted. Either way, he tensed, ready to rip apart the foolish mortal.

Now, older vampires are not affected quite so severely, having developed a certain level of tolerance to such trinkets. And I…well, I’m not affected by them at all. It was because of Morgan, la chatte. When I first turned, she made me stare at the Notre Dame cathedral every night before I was allowed to feed, sometimes even resorting to tying me down and forcing my face toward it if I resisted her too strongly. The first few nights, I was too sickened to even try to feed…but eventually, my own hunger is what led me to conquer that vampiric fear. So, completely undistracted, I was free to smell the others that encircled us. It seemed that I had also gotten rather sloppy. I haven’t seen a party this organized in decades, as more and more people disbelieved in us. It was clearly a trap. Interesting that they knew how to do it. I grabbed Juventino, holding him back, then pulling him with me and far away. They weren’t prepared for a vampire as old as me.

This matter definitely bears a little investigation. I will have to find that priest and ask him a few questions.


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