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Hunting in October

It’s been a long time since I’ve outright killed one of my victims, but tonight was too hard to resist. Fall always did make the appetite sharper, though there was more to it than that. I think I miss the old days of hunting.

He had been following me for weeks, I think. To be honest, I wasn’t paying that close attention. I knew what he was; I felt the confused hatred and desire he felt toward me. No, not toward me. Toward his ex-wife. That’s who I reminded him of, I do believe. Mortals have a strange fascination with beings of this ilk, but I”ve seen plenty of his kind before. He was barely a distraction to me as I moved about the town, meeting, greeting…feeding. As I said before, Fall always did make the appetite sharper.

Tonight, however, things developed a bit differently. I was in a night club, and the place was absolutely hopping. I couldn’t find a corner anywhere where a girl could take a peaceful drink. My…companion…what was his name? Matters not. He agreed to slip away with me for a spell, and we left the busy nightclub together. My secret admirer, however, became very upset upon seeing me with another man. In fact, I felt his temper explode, even from where he stood hidden in the shadows. Now things were getting interesting! Feigning ignorance, I led my willing victim away towards an especially dark stretch of road just to see what my follower would do. At first, it seemed like he was going to do nothing. Now that was no fun. Then I had an idea; I grabbed my companion and hauled him into the alley with me. I kissed him with passion, though he shirked away from my cold lips. Usually I will wait until I have drank and warmed myself before kissing a mortal, but masking my identity wasn’t very important in this instance. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my companion would be dead.

No, I didn’t kill him. My secret admirer did. He came flying out of the shadows with vengeance burning in his eyes, and he made short work of the man I was with. I think he even snapped his neck. Impressive. Then he had the gall to grab ME, and threaten me! It was amusing, though, and I couldn’t keep back the laugh. He was not amused by my laugh, and he began to strangle me. Enough was enough–I knocked him on his ass. The look on his face when I bared my fangs at him! He struggled against me furiously, but I managed to sink my teeth into neck, nonetheless. I didn’t even think about holding back this time. I just drank his hot blood, deeply, until I felt it begin to pulse through my dead veins, his own heartbeat slowing until it faded altogether. It was beyond satisfying, and my resulting bloodlust damn near caused me to go on a rampage. I got ahold of myself, though, before foolishly revealing myself. That’s a good way for a vampire to get killed; in fact, most new vampires die within the first year, most of them right after their first kill, because they cannot control their bloodlust and go on rampage. Us older vampires have started calling it…”natural selection.”

Though, there is one unsettling thought yet to consider in all this. I ignored him for far too long. Let him get my pattern down, let him get too close. No, he was no danger to me…but there is still danger in the night for the likes of me.


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