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Lust on Samhain

Do you want to know the real difference between vampires and mortals? Besides the obvious differences–I’m talking about the very core of what we are. Both vampires and mortals possess within them great stores of passion. Yet mortals rarely embrace it. They shy away from it, afraid of it.

We take what we want, when we want it. We are our passions. That is why mortals, no matter what trappings they put on themselves, long for our kiss.

Take tonight, for example.

I had been doing a fair amount of traveling of late; tonight, on this wonderful Samhain night, I decided to stay close to home. I went to one of my usual spots, somewhere I can always find a drink. In fact, by this particular point I was…adequately nourished. Don’t get me wrong–my appetite knows no boundries, but for now, my bloodlust was tamed. I sat in a corner and observed the scattered samples of humanity that braved a Tuesday night. One couple in particular caught my eye. Rather, he caught my eye–dark eyes, dark hair, broad chested, muscular. A tasty morsel if I ever saw one. She, on the other hand–frankly, she was a silly little twit.

She was cheating on her husband with this man. Her lust for him was powerful. I could feel that even across the room. But I watched as she cried to him, told him that she loved him, how much he meant to her. Yet, she couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to take off with her lover–or stay with her indifferent husband. Her lover’s frustration was palpable. Just observing the situation annoyed me. Finally, the man stood. He had had enough for now–he wanted air. She sat and dried her little tears while he walked away.

I was already there when he stepped outside the club. He stuck a cigarrette in his mouth, then patted himself looking for a lighter. I already knew he had left it inside. I offered him a light…our eyes met…and I knew I had him on my hook. I whispered sweetly to him, touched him ever so softly–enough to feel the electricity of my skin, not enough to feel my deadly chill. Before he even realized what he was doing, he was leading me back to his place. His desire for me grew with every step; by the time he was inviting me into his home, all rationality was exorcized from his mind.

Freed from his usual constraints, his passion exploded. He grabbed me and kissed me, his fire warming my dead lips. Slowly he pulled me to his bedroom. I allowed it…until we reached his bed. That is when I shoved him down, then leapt on top of him. His eyes…among other things…bulged in excitement. For now, I just toyed with him. I took his hand and slowly kissed and sucked on his fingers. He never even noticed the pinprick of my teeth as I tasted his blood. In fact, he never felt any of my love bites he was so engulfed in his passion. The bite on his neck as he orgasmed, however, brought him to heights he had never experienced before. I didn’t kill him, though. This mortal proved to be fun–I may have to come back for him. Or perhaps I will bring my newest disciple, Danielle, with me. We shall see.

If nothing else, perhaps this will help distract him from the little girl.

Good night, my mortal friends.


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