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My Little Family Grows

He was fast asleep when I arrived, huddled in his bed against the cold rain that fell outside. For a few minutes, I watched him as he dreamed, but the call of his blood overcame me. Slowly I eased into his bed and up to where his neck lay exposed and waiting for me. Closer still I leaned until my cold breath tickled his skin and my fangs hovered just over his as-yet-unbroken flesh. Ah, he was awake now. He didn’t move; I could tell by the way his heartbeat and breath quickened. I smiled. I knew it wasn’t from fear this mortal’s heartbeat grew so strong–it was excitement.

I first encountered him here, in this imaginary internet world. It was never my intention to find playmates here–the very idea of even being “online” would disgust most vampires. Snobs. But how I could resist a man with an inviting of a name as GODLESS? From the beginning he welcomed me with open arms, and I have visited him often. Perhaps more than I should–if I had taken much more blood…no, there was never any danger of loosing this one.

Playfully I kissed his neck. “Hello, Juventino” I whispered into his ear. His eyes finally fluttered open as I shifted my body to lay on top of his and straddle him. Completely transfixed he watched as I picked up his hand, kissed the inside of his palm, then bit down on his wrist. Gasping, he grabbed me with his free hand, pulling me in even closer, until our bodies intertwined and our lusts consumed us. Il m’a baisé passionément, biting me wherever he could, desperately trying to draw my blood even as I drew his. I couldn’t help but laugh–immortality is a gift that is given. It cannot be taken, not by force. But his enthusiasm pleased me.

However, it seemed I had underestimated my Godless friend. In a moment of passion and frustration, he bit and tore at one of my breasts. Surprised, I shoved him away from chest, only to see that this time he had succeeded in drawing blood. He noticed the same time I did, and quickly he dove in to drink. I slammed him back down on the bed, pinning him in place. As I said before, it can only be given, not taken. But the way we were positioned left my breast dangling–and my blood he so desired–just above his face, just out of reach. I giggled with delight as I watched him strain to reach me; his hunger both excited and impressed me. So I let him go. He shot up like an arrow, grabbing and tackling me backwards, drinking from me all the while.

Il appartient à moi maintenant.


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