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Broken Walls – an Erotic Tale

Mira tried to settle more firmly against the pillow, but instead it tumbled over the low edge of the daybed. Muttering an indistinct curse, she scooped it up from the floor. She stabbed the pillow’s edge between the mattress and arm of the daybed, then again tested her weight against it. This time, the pillow behaved. Her back now secure, Mira drew up her legs to support the leather-bound book she held in her hands. Book? Tome was more like it. Bound with embossed leather, the interior parchment was meticulously hand-scribed. Mira wondered if this world had monks like they did back in Earth’s medieval times. Who knew. This world was too strange to directly compare with any time period of Earth. Mira wasn’t sure she was still in the same galaxy… universe even… as Earth. She was in Dagon, whisked away by a taciturn wizard. A wizard! It was ridiculous. No, it was offensive. Dagon had no right to have magic. Physics should have stopped Galen from crossing dimensions to Earth, dragging her back here, performing tantric sex rituals with voluptuous sorceresses. . .

Mira snapped the book closed, leaned her head back against the couch’s arm, and groaned. “Who CARES!” she yelled at book-lined walls of the octagon-shaped room. Nothing else in the room seemed to care, the merry little fire in the nearby fireplace crackling and popping away. Mira hitched in a deep breath. Tossing the book aside for a moment, she fished her Ipod out of her backpack and put on her ear buds. The device was warm in her hand, and a rhythmic vibration pulsed against her skin. One of her sole artifacts from home, and even that was infected with Galen’s magic. Still, what else was she going to do? They didn’t exactly have wall sockets around. Mira turned it on, then scrolled through her song list. Her finger lingered for a moment over Alanis Morrisette, but then scrolled to another random song. Familiar strains of home filled her ears as she gazed at the unintelligible scribbles that made their way across the page. Yeah, that was another of Dagon’s charms— while she could understand speech, she had yet to decipher their writings.

Empty as the ritual was, Mira eventually managed to find some distraction in the book. The words themselves may have been a mystery, but the illustrations scribbled along the edges of the page provided their own entertainment. Whether the illustrations related to the words or not, Mira of course had no way of knowing. They were at times funny, bizarre, and often outright disturbing. One image in particular had caught Mira’s attention. It was of a woman holding her labia open, and she seemed to be giving birth to a lizard. Around her, people in peasant garb raised their hands in adulation. Mira twisted the book sideways to get a better look; this time she noticed a few of those “peasants” were covering their faces. Shaking her head, she stretched out her legs and sat down the book. She was halfway through the rest of her stretch when she noticed the figure outlined in firelight at the edge of the room.

Mira, with a hiccuped breath, started up from the daybed. “Shit!” She exclaimed as she pressed her hand against her pounding chest. “Galen, what the hell?”

Galen remained where he was, his green eyes narrowed at her from the shadows. “Why aren’t you in your chamber?”

Mira flopped back down on the couch. The book had tumbled to the floor, and she had to reach to snatch it back up. “I didn’t feel like it. What the fuck do you care?” She paused to flip the book right-side up. “All finished with your orgy?”

Galen’s hands were trembling. The rest of him was as impassive as ever, but his fingers drummed a silent beat. His eyes focused on the double doors behind the daybed, and he skirted around her to get to them. Without any regard for her, he flung them open. A gust of the brewing thunderstorm crashed into the room, for a moment flattening the fire. Mira shivered, but Galen stood there like a rock, his skin breaking out into gooseflesh as he held onto the edge of the balcony.

Mira peered at him from the top of the book. Something wasn’t right with Galen. On the surface he seemed like his own irritable, austere self, but Mira could feel something rippling under that cold surface. Of course, part of her uneasiness might be that she had never seen him without his billowy robes before. He was practically naked, standing there bare-chested and bare-foot, only a pair of trousers covering his thin frame. Actually, she was discovering a lot about Galen in these few moments. The fact he was alabaster-pale was hardly notable, considering the aforementioned robes, but his muscles were surprisingly defined. Not buff, by any means, but toned. The real shocker, though, the thing that Mira would have never imagined in a thousand years, were the black tattoos that swirled and snaked across his arms, chest, and back, some of them disappearing down into the black cloth that still remained on his body. Maybe she was staring a little too hard, because Galen turned to her then with a hard-set jaw.

“Get to your chamber, Mira. I’d like to be alone right now.”

Mira laugh came out more like a snort. Galen loved nothing more than giving her orders, and nothing pleased Mira more than doing the exact opposite. “I’ll go where I please, and I was here first,” She snapped. “You want to be alone, find yourself another porch to stick yourself in.”

Galen sigh was more akin to a growl. “Why must you always be so difficult,” he mumbled, pushing himself away from the balcony’s edge. He made it three steps before stopping short. Mira studied his profile. If Mira suspected something was off before, she was sure of it now. Every muscle was clenched, his chest rose and fell rapidly, and his skin was taking on a rosy glow. Whatever rippled beneath that surface was beginning to rise, and she didn’t know what to make of it.

“We didn’t,” he blurted.

“What?” Said Mira, even though she knew perfectly well what he meant. Shrugging, she forced her eyes to go back to the book. “Whatever. Doesn’t matter to me.”

“Doesn’t it? You were quite indignant earlier, when you learned my purpose here.”

He almost sounded himself there. Almost. But Mira heard the underlying bristle in that calm, smooth voice. Outwardly, she merely shrugged. “Look, whatever. I get it. Man’s got needs. None of my business, so don’t let me get–”

“My ‘needs’ have nothing to do with this,” he interrupted, his head snapping toward her. “I told you, Cinnia is far more skilled in Divination than I. All wizards raise their energy in different ways, Cinnia simply— ”

“WHATEVER.” It was Mira’s turn to interrupt. “I told you, I don’t care.” She stared at the book for a few seconds, then snapped it shut. “So why didn’t you then?”

Galen winced, then shook his head. “It wouldn’t have worked.” His gaze became distant, his voice lowered to where Mira could barely hear the words. “She already knew. Had to have already known. But she bid me drink the potion regardless.”

At that, Mira cocked her head to the side. “Potion?”

Galen refocused his attention to her, then rubbed his face with both his hands. “Yes, a potion,” he said through gritted teeth. “A potion to prepare the body for the ceremony.” Turning, he stumbled back toward the edge of the balcony, gulping in the cold night air like a drowning man.

Mira frowned and shook her head. What the hell did this Cinnia do to him? An idea dawned on her, and she felt the corner of her mouth tugging into a smirk. “Hold up.” She said, tossing the book aside as she stood up from the daybed. “She got you all revved up, then kicked you out the door. Damn, that’s cold. What did you do wrong?”

Galen’s reply was muffled. “Just go away.”

Snickering, Mira walked around the daybed toward the door to do just that, but then stopped as her eyes rested on the overflowing bookshelves. The opportunity to goad Galen was more than she could resist. “Of course! Cinnia probably has some interesting porn buried in these books. So that’s why you’re so desperate for me to leave.” A small giggle escaped her as Galen glared at her over his shoulder, and she clamped her hand over her mouth. “Sorry, I know. It’s not funny. Well… it’s kinda funny, but… Sorry.”

Galen turned to face her, the hard-line of his jaw warning her that she was pushing him a little too hard. Unfortunately for him, it only encouraged her more.

“So, I gotta know. What’s your thing? You a boob guy? Butt stuff? Maybe a little S&M?”

Galen pushed himself away from the balcony ledge and took a shuffling step forward. “Are you enjoying tormenting me?”

Mira raised her eyes to the ceiling and shrugged, that smirk growing into a full-fledged grin. “Yup.”

Galen crept closer. “Very well,” he said, his voice whispery and low. “You want to know my desires? I’ll tell you.” He reached the daybed, but instead of walking around it, he leapt into a crouch on top of it. With equal grace, he stepped down.

“You,” he said as he inched the rest of the distance between them. “I want to taste every inch of your skin. To bury myself deep inside you until you scream in ecstasy.”

Mira’s eyebrows were doing their best to escape her forehead. He was less than arms length from her when she realized that her mouth was open, and she snapped it shut. Galen halted his advance.

“That is why the ceremony couldn’t be performed. You, as you always do, find a way to plague me.”

Mira swallowed, the urge to step back strong. Stronger, though, were the roots that kept her right where she stood, hypnotized by his darkened eyes.

Galen flicked his eyes away to stare at the ground. “Now go. Please. Lock yourself in your chambers. This should pass by morning.”

Her heart beat heavy and slow. Mira darted her tongue across her lips, not sure at all what to say. For a moment, she hovered in indecision. The sensible thing to do, of course, was to do exactly what he asked. The thing was, though, there was something about Galen that made Mira hate being sensible.

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” She asked, her voice far fainter than she liked.

The muscles in his arms tensed, making those peculiar tattoos twist as though alive. That was her last and only warning before his hands shot out and took hold of her face, pulling her toward him. A sweet ache spiked from her head all the way down to her pelvis as his tongue gently probed into her mouth, the spicy warmth of his body enveloping her as he pressed himself ever closer.

He broke away, resting his forehead against hers, as his hands strayed down the length of her neck to her shoulders. His shaking fingers toying with the neckline of her shirt.

“Are you finished toying with me yet?” His husky whisper tickled against her skin.

Mira brushed her fingertips against his chest, tracing the line of a tattoo as it trailed downward. She felt light-headed, drunk even, and she embraced it. “Nope,” she said as she hooked the edge of his pants with her thumbs.

He shivered as the cloth slid down his hips and caught for a moment on his erection. A small tug was all it took before they fell the rest of the way to the floor. Mira saw that his tattoos did travel all the way down the length of his body.

He was clawing impatiently at her clothes now, yanking off her shirt. Mira felt it rip a little as it flew from over her head. She didn’t care. The bra, however, she took off herself— no way she was going to let that get damaged without being able to replace it. They fumbled together to take off her jeans, the stubborn denim hugging against her skin like a chaperon. Galen managed to wrestle them down to the ground, and Mira stepped out of them. There they stood, naked as Adam and Eve… or whatever the analogous myth was on Dagon. Then Galen gave her one last surprise. He gazed upon her and began to smile, revealing a deep set of dimples in his cheeks she never even knew he had. It was kind of breathtaking, actually.

Mira, for a brief moment feeling self-conscious, looked away as she began to walk toward the daybed. She peaked over her shoulder to see him staring at her, his eyes raking in every detail of her body. Facing forward again, she managed to take another step before he rushed up to her from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and across her chest. She felt his teeth poised against the skin of her neck, playfully nipping, then felt him breath in her scent. No lie, for a second her knees went weak. Mira didn’t think that shit actually happened, but here she was, ready to melt right into the bed. He whirled her around and pushed her down, and Mira felt her heart skip to heart attack levels as he leaned over her. He kissed her again, though gentler this time. His lips trailed from her lips to her neck, the palm of his hands already making their way down to her breasts, his agile fingers squeezing and twisting her nipples. That’s how it went, his hands beating a trail down to her stomach, his lips following.

“Galen,” she gasped as he reached her vulva, and involuntarily she felt her legs clench a little as he knelt in front of the daybed. He flashed a dimpled… dare she say mischievous?… grin at her, and she found she could refuse that smile nothing. Easily, he opened her legs and hoisted them over his shoulders. She leaned back as she felt his hot breath on her, and she bit her lower lip as she felt the first lick of his tongue against her clit. She grabbed the arm of the daybed, pinching the cloth with her fingers. She moaned as she felt his finger slide into her, her grip on the upholstery nearly tearing a hole. She was building quickly, and she reached out to touch the top of his head. Torn between drawing him closer and pushing him away, she could only hang on as she got closer and closer to her climax. Her legs began to tense, and suddenly she was drowning in exquisite pain, helpless as her orgasm pulsed up and down her body.

“Galen!” she screamed as she tore away from him, curling herself into a panting ball as Galen smirked up at her. Placing both hands on the couch, he hoisted himself up like a wildcat stalking his prey. He grabbed her ankle, sliding her down to her back, and Mira gasped in anticipation as he positioned himself on top of her. Eagerly, she wrapped her legs around his hips, and with an easy thrust he was inside her. Galen shuddered as he entered her, his face growing slack as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. For a brief moment, he seemed content with just feeling her. He bent down, his hungry lips seeking hers, the movement nearly bending Mira in half. She didn’t care. Nor did she care about slightly bitter-tart flavor carried on his tongue now. Slowly, he began to rock back and forth, and just when Mira thought she would loose what was left of her breath, he lifted himself up, grabbing hold of the couch arm for leverage. Every stroke became more and more intense, and Mira, still sensitive, found she was building again. Her orgasm this time rolled gently over her in waves, and gladly she clung onto him as his thrusts became more urgent. She watched his face with fascination as his nostrils flared and the tendons in his neck stood out. With one final thrust, he let out a roar, and Mira felt his cock throb as he came inside her. Finished, he sagged, sweat dripping down the side of his face.

“Damn,” laughed Mira as she rubbed her own sweat away.

Galen opened his eyes, then slowly, shook his head. “Oh, no.” He gasped. “We’re not finished.”

Mira blinked. “What?”

Galen kissed her, then sat upright. Firmly, he pulled her up until she stood on her knees, then guided her around to face away from him. He pushed her down, and Mira found herself draped over the arm of the daybed. She looked back over her shoulder to see him on his knees behind her, his quite erect cock already reaching for her.

“You’re an animal,” she said.

“I tried to warn you,” he said as he grabbed onto her hips.

They moaned in unison as he thrust inside of her.


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